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Dave Pelz Golf Training Videos

The almostGOLF video gallery features vignettes of legendary golf instructor Dave Pelz of the Pelz Golf Organization teaching easy-to-use golf techniques with the almostGOLF ball. You can practice these shots in your backyard and will be amazed at the improvement in your golf scores.

Visit this site often as new videos will be released periodically.

Video #6: Ball below your feet

Learn the proper techniques to hit good shots when the ball is significantly below your feet. This easy to understand video will teach you to lower/bend your knees, widen your stance to maintain your balance, and take a slow motion practice swing to make sure you can hold your balance throughout the swing. By using these techniques, you will avoid topping shots when the ball is below your feet and shave strokes off your score.

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Video 5: Ball above your feet

Learn how to hit perfect shots when you find yourself with an awkward stance because the ball is above your feet. This video will teach you the three keys of aiming to the right of your target, griping down on your club, and bending less to maintain an upright spine angle to execute this shot successfully. If you practice these tips in your backyard so you feel more comfortable, you should be able to make solid contact and execute this difficult shot successfully.

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Video 4: Sandtrap-Escaping from a Buried or Fried Egg Lie

Learn how to escape from difficult lies in bunkers. This video will help you understand how to position the ball in your stance, manipulate the clubface and use the proper hand-fire to make the ball come out high and soft. By using these tips and practicing in your backyard you can turn a disastrous situation into an acceptable outcome and save your round.

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Video 3: Successfully Hit a Golf Ball from a Downhill Lie

Learn how to position your body to make a solid golf shot from a downhill lie. Understand how to tilt your spine perpendicular to the slope so you can swing with the angle of the hill while maintaining your balance to avoid disaster scores.

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Video 2: Proper Technique for Uphill Shots

Learn how to make solid contact and control the distance on an uphill shot. Understand how to widen your stance for balance and tilt your spine so you swing with the angle of the hill. Uphill shots will become easier once you know the keys to executing the shot properly.

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Video 1: Mastering the Obstacle Shot

Learn how to curve your golf ball around a tree or any other obstacle that may be in your line of flight. Understand how the spin of the ball off your club face causes the ball to curve and how to better control your swing to reduce strokes off your game.

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